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How to handle property conversations with confidence

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Gain financial freedom. Build a sustainable property portfolio. Increase your cash flow and avoid losing thousands.

How many times have you come away from a conversation with an estate agent, motivated seller, or investor, thinking “I wish I could have that conversation again”? 

Do you find yourself wishing:

  • You’d been better prepared?
  • You’d thought of the right questions to ask?
  • You’d given better answers?

In fact, are you putting off having the conversations altogether?

The way you handle conversations with motivated sellers and estate agents could make you thousands – or lose you thousands

Learn the most important skills you need to build a successful property portfolio:

  • How to ask the right questions in the right way and at the right time
  • How you respond to challenging questions asked by vendors and property professionals
  • Building rapport with motivated sellers, estate agents, and investors so they are coming to you rather than you chasing them
  • Planning and preparing for important property-related conversations
  • Creating win-win situations

Remember you are one conversation away from your next great deal!

Hi, I’m Rob McPhun, and I’m here to help you learn how to handle even the most difficult of property-related conversations.

Not only do I have my own very successful property portfolio, but I’m also an expert in handling difficult conversations following 34 years as a police officer and then 10 years helping others involved in the property market. My book ‘Perfecting Property Conversations’ is an Amazon bestseller.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have an existing property portfolio, my experience and expertise will enable you to say the right things with confidence, tackle difficult conversations with ease, and keep control of your emotions.

perfecting conversations Rob McPhun

PERfecting Property Conversations Framework

This simple, well-structured process helps you approach conversations with confidence and clarity. The proven methods developed by property expert Rob McPhun in his conversation management framework gives you the tools and self-belief to address issues and have those challenging conversations.

Learn to manage your emotions in a positive way, overcome the fears associated with facing crucial conversations, and gain the confidence to deal with future situations effectively and successfully.

Case Studies

You didn’t understand me the first time? Ok I’ll say it again – only louder!
What’s in a Word? – about 6% in interest and no deal
The Dreaded Phone call – James Smith

What my clients say

Tim Matcham
Rob has helped me out on a couple of occasions now where the situation was delicate and needed careful handling. His very calm approach leading me through his conversation management model helped me to diffuse awkward situations in my mind. This in turn helped to reduce my levels of anxiety. He seeks to fully understand the challenge ahead before suggesting alternative options for resolution. I am a firm believer that there are always options in any given situation and Rob dissects the circumstances to suggest viable alternatives that have always been met with positive responses by the other side. One actually complimented afterwards on how I had handled the conversation! This is testament to Rob’s extensive experience and pragmatic approach. If you are faced with a challenging situation or conversation then I have no hesitation in recommending Rob.

Tim Matcham Property Expert & Bestselling Author

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