Learn how to conduct property negotiations with confidence and ease

  • Approach estate agents, vendors, and investors with confidence
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Stand your ground in negotiations
  • Build your property portfolio quickly and easily

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Build lasting and productive relationships with property professionals
  • Negotiate the best deal for yourself
  • Overcome any fear and anxiety you feel about dealing with more experienced people
  • Analyse people’s circumstances and motivations, and use them to your advantage
  • Control your emotions during difficult conversations
  • Achieve what you want to from your property conversations
  • Learn from each negotiation to improve future outcomes


4 customer reviews

Johnny B.

Relevant to veterans and beginners

Well structured. Clearly thought through. Does not use jargon. Rob is a renown thought leader in the area of communication management. Buying and selling property requires exceptional communication management. Before you buy a property this skill set is likely to generate a 5-10% discount!

Jill Bos

An excellent book to help you start your property investment journey

This is an excellent step-by-step guide on how to approach those people you will meet as you pursue your property investment plan. Written in an easy conversational style it gives you step by step guidance on how to approach the people you will be dealing with, tips, questions to ask and follow up actions which will greatly improve your chances of success. Highly recommended. A very refreshing introduction to all kinds of negotiations. Hopefully more to come from this author !

Amazon Customer

So easy to read! Property conversations simplified!

Written in an easy to read format, this book really helps anyone interested in property and discusses the ways to handle any potential property conversations . A must read for those just starting their property journey and such a great refresher for those with many years experience. Looking forward to more books by this author.

Lisa Roberts Zevi

A practical, accessible guide to the world of property negotiations

A refreshing change from all the property books that focus on the deals and the money! This book gives you a framework to use to manage the tricky, complicated bit - the people!! Rob writes in an open and accessible way, clearly taking you through each step of his model from the very start when you're considering an approach to the structured conversations that result in good deals being struck. His goal is to help property investors make good decisions by ensuring that communications with those around them are clear and productive. Great book - bravo!