Focused One-to-One Coaching

Are you looking for specific advice and guidance on handling a current or forthcoming situation, where you know you’ll need to have a difficult or challenging conversation? Perhaps it’s a negotiation, a dispute, or just a conversation you feel uncomfortable about having?

One-to-one coaching will give you the techniques and confidence to approach your forthcoming conversations in a structured, self-assured, and professional way.

By being coached through the PERfecting conversations communication model you’ll learn how to control your emotions, ask the right questions, and stick to your own agenda rather than being swayed by the demands of others.

Why not take up the offer of a free 20-minute call to help you decide whether one-to-one coaching is right for you – there is no obligation; you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


If you’re looking for longer-term guidance to help you build up your skills in handling difficult conversations, I can work with you on an ongoing basis for as long as you need.

You will learn through a process of training, coaching and advising how to apply the PERfecting conversations communication model to achieve the outcomes you seek.

Working together we will consider in detail how you can approach the conversations you need to have, and then afterwards reflecting on the outcomes of each conversation to refine your skills in a range of areas. From this process of planning, engaging and reflecting you will build your confidence to address issues with others and gain confidence for the future.

Why not call me for a free 20 minute chat to discuss how my mentoring services can help you?

Fixed Consultation – save £££’s

1 hour – £150

Have a 1-hour one-to-one pre-conversation session during which we will plan, prepare and build your confidence for having the conversation or meeting. Following the conversation a one-off de-brief session to learn lessons for the future and decide what to do next. These conversations have saved some of my clients £10,000 off deals they have negotiated.