On this page you’ll find a selection of useful information and free resources, all aimed at helping you handle the different types of conversations you need to have in the process of managing your property portfolio.

Useful Guides

  • How to do due diligence on a property (PDF) – This guide assists you in your research in to property values, rental prices and other relevant aspects of the area in which you may be potentially investing. Full of links and tips to help you determine what you should be paying for a property.
  • Questions they might ask you (PDF) – Once you plan and prepare the questions the other party may ask you are better able to formulate your answers based on your experience and knowledge. This helps you present yourself in a professional, confident and credible way.

Document Templates

  • Lease Option template – This simple Purchase Lease Option template will help you to understand the implications of entering in to such an agreement. It is meant as a useful guide only and I recommend you seek appropriate legal advice before agreeing terms.
  • Letter of Authority template – Letters of Authority are simply a document that gives you the authority to contact the sellers mortgage lender and empowers them to give you details. 
  • Heads of Terms template – A document which sets out the terms of a commercial transaction agreed in principle between parties in the course of negotiations. Heads of terms is evidence of serious intent to do a deal and has moral force, but does not legally compel the parties to conclude the deal on those terms or even at all.

Useful Links

Should I invest with this person? How to conduct due diligence on an individual.

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Tim Matcham
Rob has helped me out on a couple of occasions now where the situation was delicate and needed careful handling. His very calm approach leading me through his conversation management model helped me to diffuse awkward situations in my mind. This in turn helped to reduce my levels of anxiety. He seeks to fully understand the challenge ahead before suggesting alternative options for resolution. I am a firm believer that there are always options in any given situation and Rob dissects the circumstances to suggest viable alternatives that have always been met with positive responses by the other side. One actually complimented afterwards on how I had handled the conversation! This is testament to Rob’s extensive experience and pragmatic approach. If you are faced with a challenging situation or conversation then I have no hesitation in recommending Rob.

Tim Matcham Property Expert & Bestselling Author